Frequently Asked Questions

Are you curious about how Yodo Designs works, where we get our resources, or what you can achieve with our services?

It simply means we don’t charge you hourly or per project. You’re billed a flat monthly rate regardless of how many design projects you submit.

Create as many design projects as you want and we’ll assign the best available designers to get started right away. Once that design is complete, we’ll move onto the next one in your queue – same day.

All plans come with unlimited general graphic design capabilities that include:

  • Website Wireframe (PRO)
  • Website UI Design (PRO)
  • Landing Page Design (PRO)
  • Mobile App Design (PRO)
  • Amazon Graphics
  • Display Ads
  • Podcast Covers
  • Background Removal
  • Ebook Covers
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Basic GIFs
  • Ebook Layouts
  • Presentation Decks
  • Billboards
  • Ecommerce Graphics
  • Print Ads
  • Blog Images
  • EDM (Email Direct Mail)
  • Product Mock-ups
  • Book Covers
  • Email SignaturesPromotional
  • Materials
  • Booklets
  • Event Invitations
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Brochures
  • Flyers & Posters Signage
  • Business Cards
  • Icons
  • Social Media Posts & Ads
  • Business Reports
  • Landing Pages
  • Stationery Sets
  • Characters & Mascots
  • Logos
  • T-shirt Design
  • Company Profiles
  • Magazine & Newspaper Ads
  • Trade show Banners
  • Corporate Folders
  • Newsletters Vehicle Wraps
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Packaging & LabelsWeb Ads

Our turn-around time depends on the project and the number of revisions. Usually, it’s between 24 – 48 hours for most projects. More complex design project such as a website/app, landing page, pitch decks, infographics, and multi-page booklets will require more time. Simple revisions can usually be completed within a day.

No hidden fees. You’ll only pay the flat monthly fee, which includes all taxes and other charges. Simple and transparent.

Not at all, you are enrolled on a month-to-month membership and can cancel anytime – hassle-free.

Your dedicated design team does! Your team is made up of 1 Project Manager and 3 designers who specialize in different types of design. ​

Based on what you need, your Project Manager will assign your request to the designer best suited to complete it. Once that request is completed, we then move on to your next request. ​ We fulfill your requests one at a time, on a first-requested, first-fulfilled basis. This way you get what you need first, the fastest.
If the priority of your requests ever shifts, after you’ve made a request, you can just let your project manager know. They will hit pause on your active requests if possible, and fulfill the task(s) that have become more time-sensitive.

Your dedicated design team will take care of your design, from first-draft to final product. And all the revisions you need. Just let them know the details of the revisions required by adding a comment to YODO Designs Portal.

We primarily use Adobe products. For presentations, we may utilize Google Slides.

Your subscription includes various design services, from print and digital designs to custom illustrations, landing page designs, GIFs, and more. You get it all for a single flat monthly fee, with the option to invite additional team members at no extra cost.

Each plan offers different services:

Graphics ($199/month): Graphic Design and Custom Illustrations.

Graphics+Web ($399/month): Graphic Design, Custom Illustrations, and Presentation Design, and Motion Graphics, Web design and development.

You can choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget. Please refer to our pricing page for a detailed breakdown of each method.

There’s no limit to the number of requests you can submit. Your dedicated Project Manager will review them, ensuring we have all the necessary details, and assign them to your design team. By default, we fulfill requests you submit in the order. However, if your priorities change, you can communicate this to your Project Manager. We aim to be as flexible as possible to help you meet your deadlines.

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is here to assist you.

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