Kittl vs Canva – Choosing the Right Design Tool for You

Kittl vs Canva – Choosing the Right Design Tool for You

Choosing between Canva, known for its simplicity and extensive template library, and Kittl, celebrated for its advanced design features, depends on your creative needs. This article will compare their ease of use, AI capabilities, and availability of free versions, guiding you to the platform that best suits your design aspirations. Whether you’re new to design or looking to enhance your projects, the right tool will open up endless creative possibilities.

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Kittl vs Canva – How Can Both Compare with Each Other?


Known initially as Vectornator, Kittl was founded to revolutionize design by making complex tools more accessible. It enables designers with advanced capabilities and a user-friendly interface, focusing on detailed, difficult designs. It offers specialized tools for complex illustrations and typography for artists and designers eager to explore creativity. This promotes customization and innovation in each project.

Kittl Design Interface


  • Advanced Design Tools: Focuses on detailed illustrations, custom typography, and artistic elements for professionals.
  • High Customization: Supports creative exploration with unique templates and design elements.
  • Artistry Focus: Ideal for detail or intricate design projects, encouraging originality.


It simplifies the design process with an intuitive platform, diverse templates, and drag-and-drop features, enabling anyone to create professional designs. Canva’s approach has broadened the design community, making it a go-to for users of varying skill levels to bring their ideas to life.

Canva Design Template


  • Intuitive Design: Simplifies design for users at all levels with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Extensive Templates: Offers a wide range of templates for various design needs.
  • Versatile and Accessible: Serve to a broad audience with tools that support collaboration and diverse content creation.

Kittl targets users seeking advanced design capabilities, while Canva appeals to those valuing versatility and simplicity.

Canva vs Kittl – The Biggest Differences Between Two Platforms

Software and Mobile App Availability

The availability and compatibility of software and mobile applications are crucial for user experience and accessibility in design creation.

Kittl is designed primarily for desktop use, offering a comprehensive suite for complex design projects. This focus reflects Kittl’s dedication to supporting detailed and complex designs through the advantages of a desktop environment.

Canva provides extensive device compatibility, including desktop applications for Windows and Mac, a web platform, and mobile apps for iOS and Android. This ensures Canva users can design seamlessly across different devices, making it ideal for on-the-go design work.

The mobile app, mirroring many desktop features, facilitates convenient design creation and sharing from any location.

AI-Driven Features in Kittl and Canva

Both utilize AI technology works for their user bases with distinct approaches.

Kittl offers an AI art generator, a tool that translates text descriptions into images, facilitating innovative design exploration. This feature is particularly useful for designers seeking to incorporate AI-driven creativity into their work, enabling the rapid vision of new ideas.

Canva focuses on simplifying the design process with a range of AI tools. Features like Magic Resize and Background Remover enhance image editing, while its AI design assistant helps streamline creation by generating suggestions based on user inputs. Canva’s AI features aim to make design accessible, efficient, and adaptable to various needs.

Design Capabilities

Template Variety and Quality

Canva has a vast library of templates, catering to a wide range of design needs. These templates are continually updated to reflect the latest trends, making it easy for users to find a design that suits their project​​.

Canva's Free Template

Kittl offers specialized tools rather than focusing primarily on templates. It’s designed for those who want to create or customize designs with a unique touch, emphasizing originality for professionals and enthusiasts​​.

Templates Library
Kittl Templates Library

Specialized Design Features for Professional Use

Kittl is distinguished by its advanced design features, including detailed text effects and color customization, which are ideal for professional projects requiring a unique and advanced touch​​.

Canva provides versatile features that accommodate casual and professional design efforts. Its intuitive interface features drag-and-drop functionality, photo editing, and collaboration tools, making it accessible to all skill levels.

Collaboration and Versatility

Collaborative Tools

Canva has its advanced collaboration features, such as real-time editing, commenting, and sharing, supporting diverse team structures efficiently.

This makes it ideal for various projects and organizational sizes. This promotes a mutual design process where feedback and contributions drive creative outcomes.

While Kittl is equipped more towards individual designers or smaller teams. It facilitates sharing and feedback and shines through its specialized design capabilities. It is best suited for concentrated creative direction mainly around project refinement.

Versatility and Team Adaptability

Choosing a design tool that aligns with project requirements and team dynamics is essential.
Canva’s versatility is clear in its broad appeal across various user needs.

A broad template library and inbuilt design tools make it easy for anyone to build big or small projects. It’s made to fit the needs of different groups of people – teachers, businesses, and social media marketers.

Canva’s scalability is further supported by flexible pricing and team management features.

Kittl takes a specialized route, focusing on creating detailed, unique designs. This particularity makes it valuable for projects demanding a high degree of artistry, although its collaborative tools are less vast than Canva’s.

Kittl’s strength lies in its ability to support creative projects with unique design requirements.

Pricing and Accessibility – Kittl vs Canva


Kittl offers a subscription model with a free plan with essential features and paid tiers for advanced design capabilities and storage, targeting users needing the latest design tools.

Cost Plan of Kittl

Canva presents a varied pricing structure, starting with a free tier that gives access to numerous templates and design elements.

Its Pro and Enterprise plans introduce more newest features suitable for businesses and professionals seeking complete design options.

Canva Pricing Plan

Accessibility Across Devices

Accessing design tools on various devices is vital for flexible and efficient design work.

Kittl is mainly accessible via desktop web browsers, focusing on delivering a full set of design features optimal for complex projects. This desktop-centric approach reflects Kittl’s aim to serve professional designers with a powerful toolset.

Canva provides wide accessibility, with its platform available on the web, desktop (Windows and Mac), and mobile (iOS and Android), facilitating seamless design creation and editing across devices. This wide device support highlights Canva’s assurance providing a versatile design solution to users everywhere.

Use Cases and Target Audience

Ideal User for Canva

Canva’s versatility makes it an excellent choice for various users, from entrepreneurs to educators, offering a builtin platform for creating professional-quality designs efficiently.

  • Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses: Utilizing Canva’s extensive library, small business owners can quickly produce marketing materials like flyers and social media content, eliminating the need for specialized design skills.
  • Educators and Students: The platform’s user-friendly nature and collaborative capabilities make it suitable for educational content creation, facilitating the design of presentations and infographics that enhance learning.
  • Social Media Marketers: With social media templates and scheduling tools, it simplifies content creation and management for marketers, streamlining the process from design to publication.

Target Audience for Kittl

Kittl appeals to professionals in the creative field and individuals seeking advanced design features for detailed and custom projects.

  • Design Professionals: Artists and designers benefit from Kittl’s sophisticated tools for creating detailed illustrations and typography, making it ideal for high-level creative projects.
  • Print-on-Demand Entrepreneurs: The platform’s customization capabilities are particularly advantageous for those in the print-on-demand business, offering unique design options that elevate product appeal.
  • Branding and Marketing Experts: Kittl supports the development of distinctive visual content for branding and marketing, providing tools for fitting design creation that aligns with brand identity.
Pros Cons
Versatile designs for numerous projects and industries.
The Drag-and-drop interface is suitable for all skill levels.
Accessible on the web, desktop, and mobile.
Real-time editing and feedback for team projects.
Template reliance results in less distinctive designs.
Advanced users may find design options limiting.
Advanced features for professional-quality illustrations and typography.
Emphasis on unique, customizable designs.
Ideal for detailed creative projects.
More complex features may take time to learn.
Less extensive compared to alternatives.
Limited to desktop use, affecting flexibility.


Which platform is better for beginners?

For beginners, Canva is generally considered the better platform due to its user-friendly interface and extensive library of templates that simplify the design process. Canva’s drag-and-drop functionality and intuitive tools make it easy for users with little to no design experience to create professional-looking designs efficiently​​.

How do the AI features of Kittl and Canva differ?

Kittl and Canva incorporate AI in different ways to enhance the user experience:
Kittl focuses on creative exploration, offering an AI art generator that converts text descriptions into images, aiding users in quickly visualizing new ideas and concepts​​.

Canva uses AI to streamline and simplify the design process with features like Magic Resize, Background Remover, and a design assistant that provides template suggestions based on user inputs. These tools are geared towards making design accessible and efficient for a broad audience​​.

Are there free versions available for both platforms?

Yes, both Kittl and Canva offer free versions:

Kittl’s free plan includes basic features, making it suitable for users looking to explore its specialized design tools without immediate investment​​.

Canva’s free version provides users access to a wide range of templates and design elements, catering to various design needs and allowing for productive use without a subscription​​.

Are Kittl templates copyright-free?

For specific details regarding the copyright status of Kittl templates, it is best to refer directly to Kittl’s terms of service or user agreement. Typically, design platforms offer templates that can be used freely for personal or commercial projects, but there may be limitations or specific conditions attached. Users should always review the terms provided by the platform to ensure compliance with copyright and usage rights.​

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